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The caterpillars marched along the sidewalk in full force the other night. It’s so early in September. Are they always out this early?  Makes you wonder if what “they” say is true… that a cold winter is coming. What caught my attention though was of the 21 caterpillars (14 in about 100 yards), about 7 of those were dead. I wondered and am still wondering why they took the sidewalk. How many had already been picked off by a bird? The deceased ones seemed smashed by unsuspecting walkers. Happily, I spotted their beautiful orange and black little bodies inching down the sidewalk before my shoe ended their short but complex lives. Instead, I took pictures of them because that’s just what I love to do.

Throughout my walk, however, I continued to think of the caterpillars and wondered why they chose that path. Was it because it was easier and definitely faster? Was it because it was warm on their underside? Didn’t they know this was the much more dangerous route? Silly caterpillars.

Oftentimes, I take literal things and consider how Jesus would have used them in a story. I love parables. Are we sometimes like these caterpillars? Looking for the quickest, easiest and most comfortable way to get through life and not looking at what it could cost us in the end?  Those fast food restaurants do pull us in for their cheap and easy meals, don’t they? What would you do differently, if you could go a different route? If you aren’t dead (like those poor caterpillars), it’s not too late.

#KLOVE radio recently offered its online community a free EBook called “#Prayfit – We are the Body,” by #Jimmy Pena   In the last sentence of the section, “Benchwarmer,” the author wrote, “Carve this into your heart…If God calls for you, it’s never too late to make an impact.”

Now, march on mighty caterpillars.  I can’t wait to see all the beautiful butterflies next spring.

Video of Caterpillar inching down sidewalk.

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    1. I had my cell phone pretty close to them so they do look pretty big. HA HA. But yeah, they were pretty good sized. I think everything in Alaska might be bigger. LOL. The orange and black fuzzy one looks like it will turn into a monarch butterfly. I tried doing caterpillar i.d. but had no luck. I will try harder or ask an expert. That guy moved fast, didn’t he!? Thanks for reading my blog. Really appreciate the comments!!!

  1. I’ve never heard what “they” say about caterpillars and winter. It makes me curious what in the early March of the Caterpillars might be the clue. Makes me think what other signs in our lives which could warn us of the discomfort of the world yet ahead in life that we might miss if we aren’t watching.
    I love the parable connection. I do often take the easy-looking, more comfortable route. Your article made me think about (since I’m not dead) how I need to slow down on my walk and look for these things right in front of me I might otherwise miss. Thanks!

    1. When the big fuzzy caterpillars are out early, “they” say it’s going to be a hard winter. I haven’t been able to prove this true or false yet. 🙂 Thank you for your great feedback and encouraging words. When you cruise to Alaska, be sure to let me know!!!

    1. Thank you. That is great info. I actually tried looking them up and there are so many very, very similar to each other. Caterpillars are neat little creatures.

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