VOICE from Alaska will be coming to you live on September 16th

VOICE from Alaska broadcasting from beautiful, lush, bear- and eagle-populated Ketchikan, Alaska.

Located on an island in Southeast Alaska (above British Columbia, Canada), Ketchikan’s beautiful ocean surrounds are enhanced by the rainforest climate… sometimes pummeling Ketchikan with almost 200″ of rain a year.  On a normal day, Orcas, Humpback whales, seals and oodles of jumping salmon often crash the surface of the waters to create amazing opportunities for locals and tourists to take in God’s splendor.

The VOICE in “Voice from Alaska” stands for Voices Of Inspiration, Courage & Encouragement and that is what my podcast, blog and free video training seminars will bring you.  Many of the people I interview on my podcast will have compelling stories of living in The Last Frontier.  Many will be talking about their Faith in Jesus Christ and how it has impacted their lives.  My hope is the stories you will hear will help you grow in your faith and will inspire and encourage you.

Since one of my greatest passions is photography, I’d love to share my photography with you to give you a visual taste of the beauty of Southeast Alaska.  I might even throw other pictures in of places I get to visit — even though they may only be cell phone pictures at times.  Being a professional, I get a little nervous posting cell phone pictures, so I will probably qualify when it is a cell picture.  🙂

HCBears20150630-17      HCBears20150630-9

Until next time, “Continue to encourage each other to build each other up.”  1st Thessalonians 5:11.

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Wife, mom, photographer, encourager. Bringing you podcasts that will share the heart of some great Alaskans. When you think of me, think of VOICE (Voices Of Inspiration, Courage & Encouragement) from Alaska. I will be posting some free training videos (hint: photography), and tours of Alaska along with some fun podcast interviews that are sure to speak to your heart.

5 thoughts on “VOICE from Alaska will be coming to you live on September 16th”

  1. You make Alaska sound like heaven. I can’t wait until we can cruise up and visit the area.

    I love the idea of VOICE and how you describe yourself as an encourager. It made me stop and re-read it. I think I encourage people, but I never thought of myself as an encourager the same way I think of myself as a wife and mother. It really helps me get to the heart of who you are. Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Vicki! That is very kind of you. I’m still a bit behind so sorry for the late reply. Really appreciate the follow and comments. I seriously need to get going on more posts. 🙂

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